Art by: ¬†Taranteljazz Summary: ¬†Decisions, decisions… We all have to make them. Who lives with the aftermath? It happened. I hated myself for sending him out like that. It reminded me of the other time I had to choose between him and McCoy. We weren’t as close as we are now. It’s never easy to […]

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Encased in Glass

Summary: Jim is beyond Spock’s reach. If only he could hear him, sense his mind. If only… Art by: Elfqueen55 I cannot escape this prison, it holds me tight. I need desperately to leave here. Why can’t I sense you in my mind? All there is, is a constant emptiness. It is as if you […]

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Drunk on Love

Summary: Jim looks at Spock a little drunk. He thinks of how it would be if they would hook up. He does it to me with such ease. Looking, but not, he’s such a tease. For once I wish he’d stop, maybe if I ask politely. Please. I have never met an individual with so […]

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Summary: Jim wishes that he can have Spock. So he dreams a dream and makes it his own reality. I walk with you hand in hand. Always with me, in Dreamland. Never in reality this we do. Only in fantasy it is so true. I want to walk the beach. But it is never in […]

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Do You?

Summary: Jim is eager to trust. That voice will do it to you every time.   Art by: Elfqueen55 Do you feel the leather straps securing in? Do you enjoy being blinded, only hearing my voice as guidance? Do you sense malice from the words that leave my lips? Do you know how much you […]

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Drop the Towel, Spock P2

Summary: Spock has a visitor. Spock was dripping on the floor of his cabin. A little puddle of water forming under him, making his feet uncomfortably wet. He knew he was not alone in his quarters, for he heard the whoosh of the doors opening and closing. He stood ramrod straight and was too afraid, […]

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